COUNTER / TABLE TOP was used at Square Market @TOKYO SHIBUYA

This is the second collaboration between Square × PIECE OF SIGN to support all aspects of business!

The event was held in the Shibuya and Omotesando area in July 2023,
PIECE OF SIGN's products were provided to Square Market hosted by Square, which was held in the Shibuya and Omotesando areas in July 2023.

COUNTER TABLE TOP with original design for the event,
A total of 43 units were placed at each store booth.

The signage blends in with the stylish store atmosphere, yet conveys the necessary information.
After the event, exclusively for the Square Market campaign,
The gifts were given as gifts to the stores that opened their stalls.

COUNTER TABLE TOP is designed to match the interior and atmosphere of each store,
The table tops are available in 11 different materials, including wood, stone, and acrylic, in two shapes: square and rectangular.

By paying attention not only to the main store signage, but also to the signs around the tables and counters, the store will look much higher quality and elegance.

PIECE OF SIGN is also available for corporate clients including events.
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