PIECE OF SIGN's signage was used at "SHOP SMALL Marché" held in TOKYO EBISU on September 23 and 24, 2023.

American Express supports small and medium-sized businesses, including stores in the city,
"SHOP SMALL" is an initiative by American Express to support small and medium-sized businesses, including local shops, and to revitalize local communities.

This year's event brought together small, locally owned stores from all over Japan.
A total of 37 booths were equipped with FLAT PLATE signs printed with the name of each store.


Among the PIECE OF SIGN,
FLAT PLATE has a particularly simple and minimalist design.

The fresh blue and white color tone of the booth matched with the natural and clean color of clear birch to create a wonderful event booth.

In addition, the combination of ROUND and wood further enhances the warm atmosphere of the marché.



We asked the people who run the store about their specialties.

LIFFT offers plants that are easy for anyone to grow and care for.

They are particular about the shape of their trees, and they place great importance on their customers being able to find a one-of-a-kind plant.
For this marche, we've carefully selected a selection of those whose individuality shines through."

Plates made of wood are a perfect match for greenery.
And they are a presence that enhances the individuality of the plants.

The owner of Bungei Fruits loves culture and art and is the son of a grocer.

He says, "When I pursued simple, delicious food, I came up with the old-fashioned way and the natural way."

All of the stores seemed satisfied with their signboards.

After the event, each store took their signboard home.
We look forward to seeing them installed in actual stores. 


Dear American Express and SHOP SMALL Marché 2023 Secretariat,
Thank you very much for your request for signage for your event!

PIECE OF SIGN is also available for corporate clients including events.
Please feel free to contact us at  contact@humane.jp.